Wednesday, April 21, 2010

field trip for puppies

The puppies came on a field trip to *my* house!  Well, to my Grand-Paw's yard, at least.

Lacy likes puppies:

Me, I just ignore them and try to get the silly people to play with me.  The puppies make their brains soft and they forget I am the most important one here!!
From April 21 2010 - 9 weeks

Saga is not a big fan of puppies either . . . he tries to ignore them too . . .
From April 21 2010 - 9 weeks

Caper is also not a fan of puppies. She thinks they are scary and stays away.
From April 21 2010 - 9 weeks

Mom says when there is just one puppy they will feel better about things. After all, they got used to me!


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