Sunday, January 25, 2009

Diaper on the head!

My mom has gone crazy!! She just put one of those bad-dogs-who-pee-in-the-house diapers on my brother Dust's HEAD!!!!

What is she thinking??? He is *so* embarrassed, and who can blame him!?!? Mom claims it's because one of his lumps is leaking out lots and lots of red fluid . . . but I think she's just lost it. She's acting kind of weird and muttering abotu vets and lab results and stuff. I think she's gonna call the vet tomorrow to ask about the leaking stuff and see if the lab results are back.

Meanwhile, look at poor Dust!

He thinks mom is crazy for sure.

Well, I'm off to bed so I can be fresh to play ball at 5AM! Goodnight!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures of lumps

Hey it's me, Arthur again! I finally got the computer back from my mom. She said the doctor is still waiting for some lab (I don't like labs! I wonder if this one is chocolate or yellow or black? And what makes him think he knows anything, anyway!) to tell her exactly what is wrong with my brother Dust. But, the doctor sent home some antibiotics because when she looked at the slides she saw tons of white blood cells. So, that might be good news. Anyway, mom tried to take some pictures of my brother Dust's lumps! They are really big but hard to photograph, she says.

This is the smaller one!
Pretty gross, huh?!!

Well, i gotta go to bed because I have to wake up again in like, 5 hours! My mom is taking me and Auntie Lynn and my furmom Flicka's brother, BJ to a special class WAY FAR away in VT!! It's supposed to have something to do with Control (What's that?) and Unleashed (That's FUN!).

Talk ta ya later!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you for the good thoughts . . .

Thank you everyone for your good thoughts. Please do keep them coming because maybe they are working. We won't know anything concrete until the test results come back in - bloodwork tomorrow and biopsy hopefully by Monday. (We can run the bloodwork in house but I like to send it out to the lab.)

This is what my vet sent to me for an update while I was working:

Hey Amy - I looked at D this morning and the only swellings that I could palpate where under his jaw - ie all other peripheral ln were fine. On PE-lungs sounded a little louder/harsher, and his left elbow is definitely getter thicker. He seems "roached" in his back and his gait is definitely stiff but all these things were present prior to today. He appears bright and comfortable and did not have an elevated temp/pulse but does pant. We sent Wellness out with urine and feces, and I did some slides of aspirates on both swellings. Interestingly enough when we got ready to do the FNA's I noticed blood on his fur on the R swelling. After clipping the hair, the area was eroded and oozing serosanguinous fluid. On aspiration, it came out looking the same way (as opposed to lymph tissue). At this point I hesitate to say that it is not Lymphoma but it would certainly be an unusual presentation if it was... Perhaps we will get lucky and have salivary gland infections or something like that.... Chest films came out looking good - just old dog lungs... talk to you later."

I went to pick him up on my way home and my father had already gone and gotten him! :~) My father was saying the doctor said something to him about cysts - but I'm just waiting for the lab results.

Thank you all so very much for keeping my boy in your thoughts and I will keep you updated. It meant a lot to me to know you were all thinking of him.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Thoughts Greatly Needed

Hello everyone,
Amy here, taking over from Arthur posting to beg you to send all your good thoughts our way. Tonight I discovered my dear dog Dust has two huge lumps under his throat - lymph node area. I am terrified. They are much bigger than golf ball sized, though smaller than a baseball.

I am going to drop him off at the vet first thing in the morning to have everything worked up. Please send every spare good thought his way.

Below are some photos of my dear boy.

Thank you.

He loves to drink from the hose like this.
He loves water of all sorts, actually.
Cooling in the dirt.
Snow Dog!

Most recent pic.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy Sunday!

Hooray!! Today, I woke my mom up by ringing the bell to go outside. She stumbled out of bed and was gonna let me out first, but then she told me I hadta wait! I know what that means and I was very excited. FRESH SNOW! So my mom got all bundled up and went outside by herself while us doggies waited. FINALLY she came back and let us out, wooohooo!

We had lots of fun in the fresh snow! I played with my Jolly, Caper played with some sorta tug and throw toy she seemed to think was cool (my mom send it came to us from my Auntie Petra!) and my annoying foster brother played with a red purse! Hahahaha, what a dope! But I don't mind him so much as long as he keeps his jaws off MY toy. The other doggies didn't play with toys. Lacy kept Caper in line. Saga chased us and barked, and sometimes helped Lacy. Dust checked the yard. My new foster sister, Sparkle, chased me.

Here are some pictures!!

This is foster brother Chip in a rare moment of NOT moving, with Saga waiting for him to run so he can chase him.

My sis Caper got ALL covered in Snow! WOL!

Saga doesn't like the ice in his feets. He needs shoes like my litterbrother Dune!

Little but mighty sis Lacy got all covered in Snow, too!!

Another goofy photo of my sis Caper! She's got a beard! WOL!

My big bro Dust checking things out. He got covered in Snow too!!

This is me! My crazy mom throwed my Jolly ball on top of the giant tree stump! But, I figured it out right quick and got it back!

Here's me again! I move so quick it's hard for the snow to cover me, but it did get on my head, somehow!

WOL! Here my crazy sis Caper is getting harassed by Saga AND Lacy while she tries to play tug with mom!

Saga, Lacy, and I posing for a photo op for Mum!

Mom took lots of photos of my new foster sister Sparkle. She says she is really cute - I don't really know about that! She's OK so far, though. She's got LOTS of freckles all over her, plus you can see she's got funny black splotches where there should just be white! She's only 7 months old so I let her get away with a little more that I might otherwise. I'll larn her up real good so she knows how to respect her elders and be a good grown up dog like ME! Yeah!

She's lookin' like a real herdin' dog, here, mom says!

Here are a few more pics of my foster brother Chip, too! Mom got all excited yesterday because he actually brought the toy to her and gave it to her (uh, big whoop, mom! I do that all the time!) This morning, though, he was back to his old ways of keep away and RUNRUNRUNRUN.

I think we might have tired him out this morning
because he was actually being still AGAIN here!

Lookit his wonky ears! And the PURSE he's chewing on!Crazy running dog, chewing on a PURSE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our snowy Sunday morning half as much as I did!! I'm off to nap so we can do it all again later!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The rest of my family . . .

Hey everybody! I'm back. Today is such a *boring* day. My mum says she doesn't feel very well and so I haven't gotten to do anything fun at all.

So, I decided to get on this here computer and tell you more about the animals that live here! You already met all of us dogs (I am the bestest one, of course!) But, just to remind you, h
ere is a family photo from almost 2 years ago - it has me in it as a babydog again, just for Tiko's monkey's enjoyment.

Ok, so about them other animals that live here, then! There's lots of 'em! There's 3 kitty cats who I like to wrastle with. Only, the newest one doesn't play with me. Unfair!

This is me as a babydog, again, wrastlin' with Leif! I'm just letting him win, here, so he doesn't get a complex 'bout me always beatin' him!
This is Violet, she's the one who won't play with me!
This is Fern, isn't it cool how her tail is grey and the rest of her is white!?
This is Fern again, and a better picture of Mr. Leif!

Besides the kitty cats, there's 1 bunny who leaves me special cookies sometimes (my mom says icky! But I like 'em!) That bunny used to have a friend, but she went to the Rainbow Bridge and he's been real sad since. :( Hopefully, he will cheer up soon. This is not a very good photo of the bunnies.
Annabelle (RIP) us the one with brown ears and Alexander is the one with black ears.

There's two little piggies (used to be three, but one went to the bridge when mom was on her vacation! :( The piggies live in a huge house that is on the roof of Caper and Lacy's ex-pen!

This is Windy and RainStorm (RIP).
This is Dew.
This is Fern harassing the piggies in their home! She's not supposed to do that, so mom usually has a top on there!

And, finally, there's 5 parrots! They are kinda cool, although, they sometimes make a lotta racket! In the nice weather, they have a special room outside that they hang out in, too, right by my backyard!

This one is called Aspen and mom says she is a Red Lored Amazon.
This one is called Maple and mom says he is a Mealy Amazon. Someone captured him in the rainforest and brought him to America against his will! He went through a bunch of homes before he ended up with mom.
This here is Willow, she is an Orange Wing Amazon and mom says she's just the sweetest birdie in the whole universe! All the birdies love to take showers and that is what she is doing in this picture.
Here are Mulberry and Cypress, Cuban Amazons, also taking a shower.
This is Willow looking silly on the back of mom's chair. I just put it here 'cause you can see me in the background!
You can see Caper and Lacy in this one!
This is the birdies outside house I was telling you about!

OK! So, that is all the other animals that call this place home sweet home. 'Course, there are still those that just stay here temporary like until they get to go to their REAL homes. I haven't introduced any of them yet but I assure you I'm bound to talk about them at some point!

Just so you don't have any withdrawal of me, here's another DASHING babydog picture of ME!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another year, another blog?

Hey folks, my Mom said that since my brother has his own blog, and my sister writes on her mom's sometimes, that I could be the spokesdog for this here blog, all about the amiable (and, really, sometimes not so amiable) animals at this here house.

So, my name is Arthur. Maybe officially it is NEBCR's Air Arthur B Good Dog. Most times I am ArthurGoodDog, occasionally I am ArthurBadDog, sometimes I am BabyDog, but really I am more than 2 years old!! Sometimes I am just, ArthurGood! The NEBCR part stands for New England Border Collie Rescue. My mom's been volunteering for them, since, like, *forever*! My brother told me is has been since the beginning of the century, or something?? The year 2K? I'm not really sure about that, since I was only born in 2006! I was born in rescue, and my human mom fostered my furry mom and that's how come I got to live here.

This is what I looked like when I was really a BabyDog!

This is what I look like now!
Arthur waiting for Dust's party.

Just this morning, playing in the snow ice!

Ok, now you know lots about me but not much about all them other (un)amiable animals, so I'll tell you a lil bit 'bout them too.

Dust is the one who has been here the longest now. He is 15 years old. (That's really old . . . like, ancient!) He's kinda scary sometimes so I have to enlist mom's help if my toy lands too close to him! Here is what he looks like.
He was playin' a game where you pick up one of those ducks to win a prize. Well, that's what he told me, anyway. I wasn't around then! (I'm sure I coulda gotten a better prize, though.)

Saga has also been around awhile. Mom tells me he will be 10 years old next month. That's almost ancient, too. He's kinda dorky and doesn't see well or hear at all. This morning he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs so that after I ran up them and gave mom my purple clutch ball, he was ready and when I raced down them to get into position he would jump me, everytime! What a bully! It got so I almost didn't want to run past him. GrrrrrrrrrOOF! Here is a pic of him being a bully:

This is what he tries to look like for the humans, though:

Then there's little BlueLacyLegacy, AKA Lacy. All the humans think she is sweet and innocent. I think she's fun to pick on, but she sure is good at putting Caper (you'll meet her in a minute) in her place! My sister Lacy is 4 years old and she is blue in color. She has something wrong with her liver, and also something wrong with her fur, plus she takes pills for her thyroid. She acts shy but really she can be pretty tough to some of the dogs. She knows better than to try that crap on ME, though!
"Oh, yeah?"
"You think I can't give you crap, peanut?"

Then there is Caper. She's not a border collie and she doesn't even look like one (Dust and Saga aren't Border Collies either but at least they kinda look like 'em.) Caper is some sort of fancy water dog from portugal. Sometimes mom has her hair cut all fancy!

Sometimes she lets it grow all scruffy, though, like this!

Well, that's all the dogs that live here permanent like at the moment! I gotta go to my Grandpaw's house now so I'll come back soon and tell you about all the other animals and temporary dogs that stay here!!

'Til Later!