Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disc Dog Seminar Video and pics!!

Here I am having lots of fun at the disc dog seminar! Uncle Marty helped my mom lots on her throwing but as you can see she is not always perfect. He also told my mom to keep working with my DROP (I WANT it!!) and the circling around her so she has time to throw better for me. Mom says we are not perfect but things are beginning to come together! Now we know what to work on, she that is good!

Here are some pics of the other attendees that mom took.  There was another border collie (blue merle) not in these pics because mom video'd him since his mom video'd us...she hasn't gotten a chance to get pics off his video's yet but she will.  They were quite good, and he was just a youngster!:

And here are some stills of me taken from the movies!

WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!  Don't I look like I'm having a blast?!  I am, of course.  I think my mom had fun to!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

So far behind!!

WOOF!  Hello friends.  My mom says I am seriously far behind in updating my blog, and I agree!  So much has happened that you haven't been able to enjoy!

Let's see...we had lots of foster siblings come and go...right now there are two REALLY scaredy dogs here.  Mom says one of them is supposed to go to another foster home but so far no one wants him.  Unfortunately one of the fosters *Charlotte* pushed mom's good camera into the sick into a mug of water and ruined it, so she only has her Droid for pics now.  It's not quite as good as the real camera for taking pics and that makes mom a bit sad.

My sister Caper and I have done some agility trials this summer!  Those have been fun!  My sister Dally and I did another Rally trial, that was really fun too and I earned my RL1X - which stands for Rally Level 1 Championship!  Plus I am only one QQ away from my ARCH!  That stands for APDT Rally Champion!  Dally won some fancy ribbons too.

Let's see what else....oh, last week I went to a Disc Dog seminar with mom...she really needs some work on her throwing so it was a really important seminar for me to take her to.  We go for part two tomorrow!  Woof!  That will be fun!

We've also had lots of visitors this summer.  Dally even *played* with Levi the overgrown smooth coated border collie pup who stayed here for awhile while his family was in Ireland...(they didn't even bring me back any sheep!)

Ok well, here are some recent videos for your enjoyment...

Here I am NOT destroying the rally course!

This is Levi the visitor playing with Caper and Dally (but mostly Dally much to Caper's dismay!)

Here's one of Dally and I practicing with the disc!

Here's Dally showing off what she's learned so far in some of her classes.

OK, that is all, mom says we have to go to bed so we can leave in time for the disc dog seminar!