Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snuggly kitties and a new foster sis

You know I have three kitty siblings and today my mum took some cute pictures of the two girl cats all snuggly in a basket! They are Violet, the grey kitty and Fern, the white kitty with a grey tail. Pretty cozy looking, huh??

"How cute are THEY?" my mom wants to know!

Also today scary Gordy came to my house. I didn't go out to see him I just barked at him through the window. He isn't that scary anymore except sometimes he tries to get too close to me. That is scary for me!

Anyway, he came, and I watched out the window and my mom went out to see him, and she took out a crate from his car and out came a cute little border collie. I could see she was real, real scared and didn't want to move at all and it took a long time for my mom to get her into the house.

She left me and Dust locked in the bed room, and put Caper, Saga, and Lacy in the kitchen! (Dogs aren't allowed in the kitchen!) Chip was in the ex-pen below the piggies. Then, she brought the scaredy dog in.

She had barely gotten the door shut behind her when that pain-in-the-you-know-what cat, Leif:
. . . came up and started sniffing her all over! She was super scared, I could see all the way from the bedroom! She stayed sitted there for a long time. Mom shooed the pesky cat away and finally got her to come to the other corner where there were dog beds and they spent some time together.

She was super scared at first!
But after mom spent some time sitting with her, she started to feel better!
She told mom she would like to be called Layne.
"I think my name is Layne."

Grandpaw came to meet her too so she wouldn't be scared of him. He fed her some hot dog pieces and sat and pet her too. She seemed to like him!

Here's that pesky Leif again!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A new Auntie!

Hey Everybody!!
Today I got the news that I have a new Auntie! She's not the same kind of Auntie as I usually get. This Auntie is my mom's new sister, too! And you know why? 'Cause she was adopted by my GRANDPAW!!! I was a little concerned that maybe my GrandPAW wouldn't love me as much and wouldn't play with me as much, but he brings my Auntie over to my yard everyday, like, 3 times a day, and we all play and have soooo much fun! So my Auntie makes me get to see my GrandPAW even MORE than ever! My new Auntie is actually pretty cute, and it's just like my realblood Uncle Bodie - she's YOUNGER than me! WOL!!

She likes to hang back and herd me and the other doggies while I play fetch, but I know she plays with GrandPAW in his house when I'm not there. He told me all about it! And you know what? My GrandPAW practices my Auntie's lessons with her everyday - three times a day! Mom told me she was very impressed because tonight when we went over to get the photos, my Auntie Sparkle came RUNNING up to mom and then . . . she . . . SAT!! Mom made a big fuss over her for being so clever and GrandPAW said every time they meet people on their walks he tells Sparkle to wait and she sits down instead of jumping up! So, I guess she is pretty smart - I bet she learned it from me!

Well, here are pictures of my GrandPAW and his new daughter, my Aunt, and my mom's sister, SPARKLE.!!

They look pretty good together, huh???

'Til Later!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

At least I got to have some fun anyway!

Hi Everybody!!
Last night my mom gave me some sad news! She said we were not going to be able to go to my *special class* that I am supposed to go to once a month with Auntie Lynn and bouncing BJ. :( :( I was sooooooooooo sad. I bounced on her and sat on her and licked her and rang the bell over and over but she still said we couldn't go because of something to do with back roads, cell service, bad tires and afternoon heavy snow.

So, I finally fell asleep and I woke up early and bounced on mom again, and licked her, and sat on her and I rang the bell over and over and she FINALLY woke up! She let me out and then my GrandPaw brought over my friend Sparkle and my Grandpaw started to play with me! That was ok but then, my mom came out too, she brought bad Chip but between her and Grandpaw they kept him occupied and he didn't bother me at all. And best of all, she brought ORANGEMAN!! I was SO excited to see orangeman and I played and played and played . . . and Caper played too - somtiems she would get orangeman before me, but only when Sparkle ran interference for her and got in my way. Most of the time, Lacy ran interference for ME and got in HER way. Hahaha. Dust played with a regular tennis ball, and Chip played with my purple cutch ball, and nobady played with the boring purple FIZ. (That is sooooo last year.)

Mom didn't bring her camera out so I don't have any pics to share with you but she says maybe later when we get more snow 'n stuff.

So I'm still sad I missed my *special class* at least I got to have lots of crazy fun with my mom and Grandpaw and friend Sparkle.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That got her attention!

Well, my mom said I've been neglecting my duties updating this here blog, so I better get on here and tell you people about my brother Dust, first.

His reports came back and mom was REALLY happy that he did not have Cancer. I don't know who Cancer is, but I guess it's a good thing he doesn't have him. His lumps are almost all gone, too! He has to take a bunch of pills everyday, 4 to make the lumps go away, 2 to help his thyroid, 3 to make him not hurt. It's h*ll getting old, he says. And if that wasn't bad enough, Saga wouldn't get off his bed the other day and when Dust tried to tell him to, Saga got mad. That's never happened before.

But, Saga got his, because that annoying foster dog forgot to hold a toy in his mouth and instead he put his tooth in Saga's head! And scraped it over his nose! So, Saga looks weird too. Then mom cut all his hair off his legs and bum, so he looks even sillier. She said he was making mats. I know what mats are - I'm really good at going and lying on them, and I can tell you he didn't have any made on him that I could see. Mom's are so weird!

My fun foster sibling, Sparkle, hasn't been allowed to play with us for a whole week. Mom says it's because she had to get fixed, but I didn't think she was broken before! Hopefully, she'll get to play soon!

So anyway, my mom said I'd been neglecting this blog, but SHE'S been neglecting ME lately.

This is me being totally bored!
I was getting annoyed with mom my busy and neglecting me! So today, when didn't come outside to play with me after dinner, I stayed on the deck and moped. Then she let us in, and I came in. THEN, I remembered I still hadta go potty. I *really* had to go, so I didn't go to the door and ring my bell, I just started to go right where I was . . .

. . . totally not my fault I was on mom's bed.

THAT sure got her attention. HA!

Well, I'll talk ta ya all later!