Sunday, February 22, 2009

At least I got to have some fun anyway!

Hi Everybody!!
Last night my mom gave me some sad news! She said we were not going to be able to go to my *special class* that I am supposed to go to once a month with Auntie Lynn and bouncing BJ. :( :( I was sooooooooooo sad. I bounced on her and sat on her and licked her and rang the bell over and over but she still said we couldn't go because of something to do with back roads, cell service, bad tires and afternoon heavy snow.

So, I finally fell asleep and I woke up early and bounced on mom again, and licked her, and sat on her and I rang the bell over and over and she FINALLY woke up! She let me out and then my GrandPaw brought over my friend Sparkle and my Grandpaw started to play with me! That was ok but then, my mom came out too, she brought bad Chip but between her and Grandpaw they kept him occupied and he didn't bother me at all. And best of all, she brought ORANGEMAN!! I was SO excited to see orangeman and I played and played and played . . . and Caper played too - somtiems she would get orangeman before me, but only when Sparkle ran interference for her and got in my way. Most of the time, Lacy ran interference for ME and got in HER way. Hahaha. Dust played with a regular tennis ball, and Chip played with my purple cutch ball, and nobady played with the boring purple FIZ. (That is sooooo last year.)

Mom didn't bring her camera out so I don't have any pics to share with you but she says maybe later when we get more snow 'n stuff.

So I'm still sad I missed my *special class* at least I got to have lots of crazy fun with my mom and Grandpaw and friend Sparkle.


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