Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snuggly kitties and a new foster sis

You know I have three kitty siblings and today my mum took some cute pictures of the two girl cats all snuggly in a basket! They are Violet, the grey kitty and Fern, the white kitty with a grey tail. Pretty cozy looking, huh??

"How cute are THEY?" my mom wants to know!

Also today scary Gordy came to my house. I didn't go out to see him I just barked at him through the window. He isn't that scary anymore except sometimes he tries to get too close to me. That is scary for me!

Anyway, he came, and I watched out the window and my mom went out to see him, and she took out a crate from his car and out came a cute little border collie. I could see she was real, real scared and didn't want to move at all and it took a long time for my mom to get her into the house.

She left me and Dust locked in the bed room, and put Caper, Saga, and Lacy in the kitchen! (Dogs aren't allowed in the kitchen!) Chip was in the ex-pen below the piggies. Then, she brought the scaredy dog in.

She had barely gotten the door shut behind her when that pain-in-the-you-know-what cat, Leif:
. . . came up and started sniffing her all over! She was super scared, I could see all the way from the bedroom! She stayed sitted there for a long time. Mom shooed the pesky cat away and finally got her to come to the other corner where there were dog beds and they spent some time together.

She was super scared at first!
But after mom spent some time sitting with her, she started to feel better!
She told mom she would like to be called Layne.
"I think my name is Layne."

Grandpaw came to meet her too so she wouldn't be scared of him. He fed her some hot dog pieces and sat and pet her too. She seemed to like him!

Here's that pesky Leif again!

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  1. I love that picture of Violet & Fern in the basket, it's like a kitty version of yin & yang!