Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chip goes home, and fun photos

Hey everybody!! It's me, ArthurGOOD! I have the BEST news ever! Today my annoying foster brother CHIP went away with a new family. Mom says he'll be so much happier there where he will have a whole organic farm to himself and will get dotedon. (I don't know what dotedon are, but I think I want some.) Mom says Chip was kinda confused but that he's going to love his new home. Let me tell you, I am just thrilled that guy isn't hear anymore to bark and bite at me while I fetch. Mom says she was silly and forgot to take the camera out of the car, so she didn't get any photos of the happy family. But when we got home, she did take OUR pictures so I'll put them up, of course. You'll have to excuse the above photo, I am still wearing my RuffRider seat belt!

Below is fuzzy Caper Portuguese Water Dog! Mom says tomorrow GrandPaw is going to drop her off and when he picks her up she's gonna look like a silly dog again with her fancy haircut! You can see how scruffy she is now, though!

She was kinda mad 'cause she didn't come to Sugarbush with us, and neither did naughty Lacy, below. Mom says I can call Lacy naughty 'cause she has been jumping over the babygate and breaking into the trash can and leaving mom a disaster in the kitchen! Back into the crate for her!
"I didn't do nuthin."

Layne got to come with us though and she got really, really, really tired!!
Poor Saga hadta stay home 'cause he always hurts himself at Sugarbush!
Mr. D also stayed home, just 'cause there wasn't enough room in the Scion for mom 'n me 'n Layne 'n Chip 'n Grandpaw 'n Sparkle 'n Lulu AND him. Plus he's an old dog and needs to rest!
This is Lulu in case you forgot. She's visiting for the weekend!
Here's another pic of Layne. Mom says in this pic Layne reminds mom a lot of her Miss Nell.
Mom took this picture the other day. It's her scary friend Willow sittin' on her head. I was sittin' next to them but I keep ducked down 'cause that green thing is scary.
This is another green scary thing, mom says his name is Mulberry. I don't care what his name is as long as he stays away from me.

Okay, folks, that's all I'm bloggin' about for now.

Oh, wait. Mom says I should tell you all what a very, very, very good boy I was today. After I had run and run and run and run, she took me into the building to do agility! I haven't done any agility for, like, a half a year. Mom says I was brilliant. She was running all around telling me to "With her" (that means stay by her left side) and "Side" (that means stay on her right side) and I was doing just what she said, even though she was running around the agility stuff, right by the jumps and toward the jumps, I was staying by her and NOT taking the jumps and stuff unles she told me too (except a couple of times when I couldn't help myself. But mostly I was perfect!)

OKAY, now I'm really done. I gotta rest up!


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