Monday, March 30, 2009


Hey everybody!!
On Sunday I went to my special class with mom and Auntie Lynn and her dog BJ. We had fun at class even though we only got to work once. We got lots of treats for looking at a silly stool and for sniffing the floor. Er, mom says that's not quite right but I guess I just need ta practice some more or something.

But AFTER class, my Auntie Carla was there with my littersister GAEL!

Mom and Auntie Carla were very excited, but Gael and I weren't. We were both kinda scared of each other but trying not to show it. We woulda been much better if we coulda been off our leashes but it was raining and there wasn't really a safe place for us to run around.

At first, we didn't look at each other at all. Then, Gael looked away so I sniffed her bum (that end is much safer!) Then, I turned away and she sniffed my bum. That went ok. Then, our moms were gonna have us sit next to one another for a photo. We were just about to be in the perfect position when across the parking lot in the next yard I SAW A CHILD! I had to holler real loud to let that scary monster child know NOT TO COME ANY CLOSER! Mom told me the kid was ok and took me to the other side of the parking lot, and Auntie Carla brought Gael. Whew, narrow escape! I don't know what is wrong with my mom she never seems to realize the terrible danger she is in when those CHILDREN are near.

So then, our moms tried to get us to sit together again for a photo. Well, we were kinda worked up over the encounter with the CHILD. Gael made faces and me and I made faces at her too. We were trying to prove we really were tough dogs!

But, I wouldn't get any closer to my littersister Gael than this:
Me: "I'm not getting any closer mom, forget about it."
Gael: "Just stay over there you punk."

Do you think Gael and I look tough??

After that, mom and Auntie Carla tried to get us to lie down a little closer to each other. I don't know *what* they were thinking!!!!!!!!

Me: "Please, mom, please, don't make me lie down close to
my littersister. Please, mom, I promise to be a good dog
forever and ever if only you don't tell me to stay here."
Gael: "You punk, I told you to stay over there."

Boy, sometimes my mom sure is crazy. Well, finally our moms got their brains back and let us get up and then we were all better and much happier! We were glad we got to see our Aunties. Mom said she was really happy to see the beautiful Gael, and so was Auntie Lynn since our dogmomma Flicka lives with her! She said me an Gael are her granddogs, kinda. Auntie Carla said I was Handsome! I am handsome, doncha think?

Well, it's real late so I'm gonna go get some more beauty rest . . . Night!


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