Thursday, February 26, 2009

A new Auntie!

Hey Everybody!!
Today I got the news that I have a new Auntie! She's not the same kind of Auntie as I usually get. This Auntie is my mom's new sister, too! And you know why? 'Cause she was adopted by my GRANDPAW!!! I was a little concerned that maybe my GrandPAW wouldn't love me as much and wouldn't play with me as much, but he brings my Auntie over to my yard everyday, like, 3 times a day, and we all play and have soooo much fun! So my Auntie makes me get to see my GrandPAW even MORE than ever! My new Auntie is actually pretty cute, and it's just like my realblood Uncle Bodie - she's YOUNGER than me! WOL!!

She likes to hang back and herd me and the other doggies while I play fetch, but I know she plays with GrandPAW in his house when I'm not there. He told me all about it! And you know what? My GrandPAW practices my Auntie's lessons with her everyday - three times a day! Mom told me she was very impressed because tonight when we went over to get the photos, my Auntie Sparkle came RUNNING up to mom and then . . . she . . . SAT!! Mom made a big fuss over her for being so clever and GrandPAW said every time they meet people on their walks he tells Sparkle to wait and she sits down instead of jumping up! So, I guess she is pretty smart - I bet she learned it from me!

Well, here are pictures of my GrandPAW and his new daughter, my Aunt, and my mom's sister, SPARKLE.!!

They look pretty good together, huh???

'Til Later!

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