Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That got her attention!

Well, my mom said I've been neglecting my duties updating this here blog, so I better get on here and tell you people about my brother Dust, first.

His reports came back and mom was REALLY happy that he did not have Cancer. I don't know who Cancer is, but I guess it's a good thing he doesn't have him. His lumps are almost all gone, too! He has to take a bunch of pills everyday, 4 to make the lumps go away, 2 to help his thyroid, 3 to make him not hurt. It's h*ll getting old, he says. And if that wasn't bad enough, Saga wouldn't get off his bed the other day and when Dust tried to tell him to, Saga got mad. That's never happened before.

But, Saga got his, because that annoying foster dog forgot to hold a toy in his mouth and instead he put his tooth in Saga's head! And scraped it over his nose! So, Saga looks weird too. Then mom cut all his hair off his legs and bum, so he looks even sillier. She said he was making mats. I know what mats are - I'm really good at going and lying on them, and I can tell you he didn't have any made on him that I could see. Mom's are so weird!

My fun foster sibling, Sparkle, hasn't been allowed to play with us for a whole week. Mom says it's because she had to get fixed, but I didn't think she was broken before! Hopefully, she'll get to play soon!

So anyway, my mom said I'd been neglecting this blog, but SHE'S been neglecting ME lately.

This is me being totally bored!
I was getting annoyed with mom my busy and neglecting me! So today, when didn't come outside to play with me after dinner, I stayed on the deck and moped. Then she let us in, and I came in. THEN, I remembered I still hadta go potty. I *really* had to go, so I didn't go to the door and ring my bell, I just started to go right where I was . . .

. . . totally not my fault I was on mom's bed.

THAT sure got her attention. HA!

Well, I'll talk ta ya all later!


  1. haha brudder Arthur! I've done that before! I was mad at daddy for something, so I peed on his PILLOW!

    mommy laughed, so it must have been ok, right?

    brudder Dune

  2. Arthur! I wish you would come and pee on my mom and dad's pillow too. You see, I often ask them to throw the ball, and they don't. It's WRONG! I bet peeing on their bed would make them change their mind. Ha! Anyhow, glad to know that your brother is feeling better and hopefully Saga's face is healing too. luv, Murphy

  3. Sounds like someone is in serious trouble! :)

  4. Well, Arthur did not *pee* on my bed. Ahem. And this evening, he also did not leave a trail of *pee* around his GrandPaw's house. All I can say is, it's a good thing he eats a raw diet! It's very easy to clean up.

    His Mom (me!) needs to do a better job telling him to actually GO potty when he is outside, he is so excited to come in, or go to Grandpaw's house, that it seems he is forgetting to DO everything that he needs to do . . . outside!

    Ahhhhh. It's an adjustment for him to have me back in school after spending so much quality time together on break. For me to! I have separation anxiety! LOL

    Amy, ArthurGood's Mum

  5. The crew over here are all glad to hear that Dust is Big C Free! Huge hugs from Sully and tiny little joy danced from Daisy!