Thursday, January 8, 2009

The rest of my family . . .

Hey everybody! I'm back. Today is such a *boring* day. My mum says she doesn't feel very well and so I haven't gotten to do anything fun at all.

So, I decided to get on this here computer and tell you more about the animals that live here! You already met all of us dogs (I am the bestest one, of course!) But, just to remind you, h
ere is a family photo from almost 2 years ago - it has me in it as a babydog again, just for Tiko's monkey's enjoyment.

Ok, so about them other animals that live here, then! There's lots of 'em! There's 3 kitty cats who I like to wrastle with. Only, the newest one doesn't play with me. Unfair!

This is me as a babydog, again, wrastlin' with Leif! I'm just letting him win, here, so he doesn't get a complex 'bout me always beatin' him!
This is Violet, she's the one who won't play with me!
This is Fern, isn't it cool how her tail is grey and the rest of her is white!?
This is Fern again, and a better picture of Mr. Leif!

Besides the kitty cats, there's 1 bunny who leaves me special cookies sometimes (my mom says icky! But I like 'em!) That bunny used to have a friend, but she went to the Rainbow Bridge and he's been real sad since. :( Hopefully, he will cheer up soon. This is not a very good photo of the bunnies.
Annabelle (RIP) us the one with brown ears and Alexander is the one with black ears.

There's two little piggies (used to be three, but one went to the bridge when mom was on her vacation! :( The piggies live in a huge house that is on the roof of Caper and Lacy's ex-pen!

This is Windy and RainStorm (RIP).
This is Dew.
This is Fern harassing the piggies in their home! She's not supposed to do that, so mom usually has a top on there!

And, finally, there's 5 parrots! They are kinda cool, although, they sometimes make a lotta racket! In the nice weather, they have a special room outside that they hang out in, too, right by my backyard!

This one is called Aspen and mom says she is a Red Lored Amazon.
This one is called Maple and mom says he is a Mealy Amazon. Someone captured him in the rainforest and brought him to America against his will! He went through a bunch of homes before he ended up with mom.
This here is Willow, she is an Orange Wing Amazon and mom says she's just the sweetest birdie in the whole universe! All the birdies love to take showers and that is what she is doing in this picture.
Here are Mulberry and Cypress, Cuban Amazons, also taking a shower.
This is Willow looking silly on the back of mom's chair. I just put it here 'cause you can see me in the background!
You can see Caper and Lacy in this one!
This is the birdies outside house I was telling you about!

OK! So, that is all the other animals that call this place home sweet home. 'Course, there are still those that just stay here temporary like until they get to go to their REAL homes. I haven't introduced any of them yet but I assure you I'm bound to talk about them at some point!

Just so you don't have any withdrawal of me, here's another DASHING babydog picture of ME!

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