Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowy Sunday!

Hooray!! Today, I woke my mom up by ringing the bell to go outside. She stumbled out of bed and was gonna let me out first, but then she told me I hadta wait! I know what that means and I was very excited. FRESH SNOW! So my mom got all bundled up and went outside by herself while us doggies waited. FINALLY she came back and let us out, wooohooo!

We had lots of fun in the fresh snow! I played with my Jolly, Caper played with some sorta tug and throw toy she seemed to think was cool (my mom send it came to us from my Auntie Petra!) and my annoying foster brother played with a red purse! Hahahaha, what a dope! But I don't mind him so much as long as he keeps his jaws off MY toy. The other doggies didn't play with toys. Lacy kept Caper in line. Saga chased us and barked, and sometimes helped Lacy. Dust checked the yard. My new foster sister, Sparkle, chased me.

Here are some pictures!!

This is foster brother Chip in a rare moment of NOT moving, with Saga waiting for him to run so he can chase him.

My sis Caper got ALL covered in Snow! WOL!

Saga doesn't like the ice in his feets. He needs shoes like my litterbrother Dune!

Little but mighty sis Lacy got all covered in Snow, too!!

Another goofy photo of my sis Caper! She's got a beard! WOL!

My big bro Dust checking things out. He got covered in Snow too!!

This is me! My crazy mom throwed my Jolly ball on top of the giant tree stump! But, I figured it out right quick and got it back!

Here's me again! I move so quick it's hard for the snow to cover me, but it did get on my head, somehow!

WOL! Here my crazy sis Caper is getting harassed by Saga AND Lacy while she tries to play tug with mom!

Saga, Lacy, and I posing for a photo op for Mum!

Mom took lots of photos of my new foster sister Sparkle. She says she is really cute - I don't really know about that! She's OK so far, though. She's got LOTS of freckles all over her, plus you can see she's got funny black splotches where there should just be white! She's only 7 months old so I let her get away with a little more that I might otherwise. I'll larn her up real good so she knows how to respect her elders and be a good grown up dog like ME! Yeah!

She's lookin' like a real herdin' dog, here, mom says!

Here are a few more pics of my foster brother Chip, too! Mom got all excited yesterday because he actually brought the toy to her and gave it to her (uh, big whoop, mom! I do that all the time!) This morning, though, he was back to his old ways of keep away and RUNRUNRUNRUN.

I think we might have tired him out this morning
because he was actually being still AGAIN here!

Lookit his wonky ears! And the PURSE he's chewing on!Crazy running dog, chewing on a PURSE!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our snowy Sunday morning half as much as I did!! I'm off to nap so we can do it all again later!


  1. What a good writer you are, Arthur! Mom says she is glad Caper likes her tug toy! luv, Mollie-paws

  2. Hey Arthur - sis Flirt here - I'll share my recliner with you if you come over to visit!

  3. Sully was watching the newscast today and they're expecting a couple inches of the white stuff (Not soap, SNOW!) here tonight! He's been bouncing up and down since 7AM!