Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures of lumps

Hey it's me, Arthur again! I finally got the computer back from my mom. She said the doctor is still waiting for some lab (I don't like labs! I wonder if this one is chocolate or yellow or black? And what makes him think he knows anything, anyway!) to tell her exactly what is wrong with my brother Dust. But, the doctor sent home some antibiotics because when she looked at the slides she saw tons of white blood cells. So, that might be good news. Anyway, mom tried to take some pictures of my brother Dust's lumps! They are really big but hard to photograph, she says.

This is the smaller one!
Pretty gross, huh?!!

Well, i gotta go to bed because I have to wake up again in like, 5 hours! My mom is taking me and Auntie Lynn and my furmom Flicka's brother, BJ to a special class WAY FAR away in VT!! It's supposed to have something to do with Control (What's that?) and Unleashed (That's FUN!).

Talk ta ya later!!


  1. poor dust! fingers and paws crossed that everything turns out ok for the old guy!

  2. Oh no! Poor grandpa Dust! Hope he is feeling better. Mollie-paws P.S. ArthurGOOD, I don't like labs either. They always bounce into my face and then I make funny faces myself. I wonder why your mom needs to get those annoying labs to help your brother Dust? Humans are strange, don't you think?