Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank you for the good thoughts . . .

Thank you everyone for your good thoughts. Please do keep them coming because maybe they are working. We won't know anything concrete until the test results come back in - bloodwork tomorrow and biopsy hopefully by Monday. (We can run the bloodwork in house but I like to send it out to the lab.)

This is what my vet sent to me for an update while I was working:

Hey Amy - I looked at D this morning and the only swellings that I could palpate where under his jaw - ie all other peripheral ln were fine. On PE-lungs sounded a little louder/harsher, and his left elbow is definitely getter thicker. He seems "roached" in his back and his gait is definitely stiff but all these things were present prior to today. He appears bright and comfortable and did not have an elevated temp/pulse but does pant. We sent Wellness out with urine and feces, and I did some slides of aspirates on both swellings. Interestingly enough when we got ready to do the FNA's I noticed blood on his fur on the R swelling. After clipping the hair, the area was eroded and oozing serosanguinous fluid. On aspiration, it came out looking the same way (as opposed to lymph tissue). At this point I hesitate to say that it is not Lymphoma but it would certainly be an unusual presentation if it was... Perhaps we will get lucky and have salivary gland infections or something like that.... Chest films came out looking good - just old dog lungs... talk to you later."

I went to pick him up on my way home and my father had already gone and gotten him! :~) My father was saying the doctor said something to him about cysts - but I'm just waiting for the lab results.

Thank you all so very much for keeping my boy in your thoughts and I will keep you updated. It meant a lot to me to know you were all thinking of him.


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