Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another year, another blog?

Hey folks, my Mom said that since my brother has his own blog, and my sister writes on her mom's sometimes, that I could be the spokesdog for this here blog, all about the amiable (and, really, sometimes not so amiable) animals at this here house.

So, my name is Arthur. Maybe officially it is NEBCR's Air Arthur B Good Dog. Most times I am ArthurGoodDog, occasionally I am ArthurBadDog, sometimes I am BabyDog, but really I am more than 2 years old!! Sometimes I am just, ArthurGood! The NEBCR part stands for New England Border Collie Rescue. My mom's been volunteering for them, since, like, *forever*! My brother told me is has been since the beginning of the century, or something?? The year 2K? I'm not really sure about that, since I was only born in 2006! I was born in rescue, and my human mom fostered my furry mom and that's how come I got to live here.

This is what I looked like when I was really a BabyDog!

This is what I look like now!
Arthur waiting for Dust's party.

Just this morning, playing in the snow ice!

Ok, now you know lots about me but not much about all them other (un)amiable animals, so I'll tell you a lil bit 'bout them too.

Dust is the one who has been here the longest now. He is 15 years old. (That's really old . . . like, ancient!) He's kinda scary sometimes so I have to enlist mom's help if my toy lands too close to him! Here is what he looks like.
He was playin' a game where you pick up one of those ducks to win a prize. Well, that's what he told me, anyway. I wasn't around then! (I'm sure I coulda gotten a better prize, though.)

Saga has also been around awhile. Mom tells me he will be 10 years old next month. That's almost ancient, too. He's kinda dorky and doesn't see well or hear at all. This morning he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs so that after I ran up them and gave mom my purple clutch ball, he was ready and when I raced down them to get into position he would jump me, everytime! What a bully! It got so I almost didn't want to run past him. GrrrrrrrrrOOF! Here is a pic of him being a bully:

This is what he tries to look like for the humans, though:

Then there's little BlueLacyLegacy, AKA Lacy. All the humans think she is sweet and innocent. I think she's fun to pick on, but she sure is good at putting Caper (you'll meet her in a minute) in her place! My sister Lacy is 4 years old and she is blue in color. She has something wrong with her liver, and also something wrong with her fur, plus she takes pills for her thyroid. She acts shy but really she can be pretty tough to some of the dogs. She knows better than to try that crap on ME, though!
"Oh, yeah?"
"You think I can't give you crap, peanut?"

Then there is Caper. She's not a border collie and she doesn't even look like one (Dust and Saga aren't Border Collies either but at least they kinda look like 'em.) Caper is some sort of fancy water dog from portugal. Sometimes mom has her hair cut all fancy!

Sometimes she lets it grow all scruffy, though, like this!

Well, that's all the dogs that live here permanent like at the moment! I gotta go to my Grandpaw's house now so I'll come back soon and tell you about all the other animals and temporary dogs that stay here!!

'Til Later!


  1. Hi ArthurGood! So cool that you have your own blog now! It will be great to get updates on all of your and your sisters/brother's adventures! Keep up the good work. Luv, Mollie-paws and Murphy

  2. Arthur! The ancient ones are very scary indeed. And they all seem to make that same grumpy old man dog face. I have found that if I move r e a l l y slowly I can get close enough to then dart in and get the toy, although my humans tell me they wish I'd just let them get it so Old Man Hugo doesn't lunge at me and "break a hip" or something. I'm glad I'm shiny and new.

    Girl Monkey is too distracted making those cooing noises over your babydog picture to post, but I think she likes your blog.

    /Tiko the Barky