Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Daily Dahlia Report - Thursday PM

Today my little sister Dahlia ate all her breakfast and lunch, played *fetch* with my Grand-Paw, herded Auntie Firefox, played bitey face with Roosevelt, and ate about half a small mackerel for dinner.  Now she is chewing on a bone, and playing with a rattle.  Oh, and she likes to pee in my pool!  Mom says I can't complain though, 'cause sometimes I pee in it too!  Grand-Paw said she slept a lot too, probably because mom kept us all awake real late 'cause she was working on a presentation for school.  Mom's super tired and has lots more work to do!

Oh, Dahlis did a funny tonight.  She gets spooked by her reflection in the window (even though she liked the mirror) and just a little bit ago she did and she jumped backwards . . . and jumped right off the bed and landed on my dog bed below.  Hahaha!  Bet that was a surprise!

Now she is playing wildly with the playmobile Auntie Trisha gave the puppies that Anutie Lynn brought over for her!

ArthurGOOD! of the Daily Dahlia, signing out!

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