Friday, April 2, 2010

Agility fun

Hiya everybody,
It was really warm today and my mom only worked a half day!  This afternoon she finally set up the weave poles she bought for me in February!  There is a problem with two of the poles fitting, she will have to write and get replacements!

Then she set up two of my jumps, and the play tunnel my Auntie Chris gave us!  Me, and Caper, and foster sister Bonnie got to play.  Bonnie only got to play because she wouldn't stay in the other section of the yard like she was supposed to!

Before we started, mom got this video of my foster sister playing with a ball!  Looks like she might play with toys after all!

Well, at first, all the dogs were out - as you can see in this video below, that made my job hard but I still did it well.

After that she put all the doggies away, but Bonnie crawled under the fence and joined us. That's ok, she was pretty good at staying out of the way.

Then she added the tunnel!

My sister Caper got to play too (I tried to help help find the tunnel, but mom reminded me I was supposed to be lying down.):

Mom taught Bonnie to do some baby jumps:

and the tunnel too!  She seemed to have fun.  But I'm way quicker!

Well, I'll talk to you later!

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