Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Mystery for you to solve, the 4th of July, and the foster dogs room!

Hey everybody!!!
Today I am going to start with a Mystery for YOU to solve.

WHO can guess WHAT this used to be???

Hint* - lots of people with doggies have one of what this used to be.
Ok, if you are stumped, there are two more, slightly more helpful pics at the very bottom of this post. But, think now, what could it be?

The next Mystery is, WHO DID IT??
Hint* Think Presidential!

OK, then, while you puzzle that, take a look at how I spent my 4th of July night. While some of the other dogs were *scared* I was NOT! I was outside watching fireworks with mom! In the rain! Well, she was watching and I was playing FIZ, that is!!!

Hey Mom!! That was so FUN, can we go out again?

Mom also got the Foster dogs room set up better this weekend, and she took a picture to show the HUGE crate that's in there. One foster doggie is in the crate, and one is loose in the room, and they take turns on which one is where. In this picture, Chip in in the crate and Firefox is loose.

But, when Firefox is loose, the gates on the door look like THIS:

'Cause she's a JUMPER!

OK, here are the last two Mystery toy pictures, to help you guess what is used to be . . .
Do you know yet???

How about now?

OK, well, be sure and tell us your guess in the comments section!! No cheating by looking at other people's guesses!


  1. A Chuck it? That's only my guess from the "hint" pictures. Otherwise I would have thought it was a foam frisbee but the other picture showed what to me looks like a chuck it handle.

  2. From the first pics I thought it was some type of floating ball, as it looks like some smooth tan pieces, or REALLY chewed plastic ... couldn't figure it out though (but I like kck9s guess). Oh - and of course your hint gives away Caper, but we all knew AurthurGoodDog wouldn't do that! Danielle