Monday, July 13, 2009

My sister Lacy is sick!

Mom says our fun outing yesterday might have stressed Lacy just enough that something she had brewing came out! I wasn't stressed but mom says somethings good stress is still stress.

This morning Lacy was not herself! She would not eat her pills in cottage cheese, she was drooling, and she was real hot - almost 104 degrees, my mom said! That's alot.

So mom took her to see the doctor and they poked her and stole her blood and took pictures of her innards and pumped stuff in her. She didn't like it but she feels a little better and she got to come home but she still has tubes in her arm. She's being good and not licking them though. She's got to go back in the morning to see if they need to put more stuff in her or if they can take the tubes out!

Here are pictures of her at the vets (with mom's crappy cell phone again.) Doesn't she look miserable? Hope she feels better soon!


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