Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun Day!

Hey everybody!! Today I had a fun day!(I kinda don't look like I'm having fun here because I was trying to get away from the BAD BIG DEER FLIES!)

My mom packed me 'n my sister Lacy up and took us off to Saratoga Springs! First we went to the Saratoga Spa State Park dog park. We met my Auntie Petra and my cousins Mollie

n Murphy there! We hiked the blue trail! Here we are (Below - 'cept for Lacy 'cause she got outta the pic before mom took it!)
Mollie's in the front and me and Murphy are in the back.

When we were done there we were HOT and there wasn't any place for us to swim, so we drove done the road to the Bog Brook Nature Trail! That was great and we got to swim too, but mom didn't get any pics of that. She kept posing us on benches, though! See:
That's Mollie not looking at the camera, then Lacy, then me and Murphy in the front!

Here we are again! Lacy, Me, Mollie (still not looking) and Murphy in the front again!

Mom said I was *super* and I didn't react even once, enough though we passed lots of kids and some other dogs too! Yea me!

We had FUN and I'm tired! Woof at ya later!


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