Thursday, July 9, 2009

More sad news.

Firefox's eyes weren't the only bad news we got yesterday.

We got the sad news that Huckleberry Finn has been killed on the highway.
Mom found Huckleberry Finn on September 11, 2007. She on driving on her way to give a lesson to my friend Rosie, and I was in the car too. She turned off of Hickory Hill Road onto 313 heading toward Arlington, VT, when she saw a car pulled over and a person in the road trying to catch a hound dog. So, she stopped to help. Well, it turned out that hound dog didn't belong to that person, they had only stopped to help him too, and they were on their way to work and couldn't take a dog, and mom was wearing her New England Border Collie Rescue shirt and it was raining hard and his feet were bloody. So. She put him in the car. BOY did he smell!
That began Huckleberry's adventure with us, and later my Auntie Lynn who offered to foster him, which mom really appreciated.

Poor Huckleberry was in bad shape, his paws were raw and bleeding - he'd obviously been running awhile. His tail was bloody (it was later discovered he CHEWED it and sucked on it, mom got him medication to help his anxiety and that stopped, but not before our walls got covered in blood - UGH!) He wasn't neutered, either.

It took many months, but eventually his forever family found him. As it turned out,
had severe thunderphobia which neither Auntie Lynn nor my mum had realized, since he was found in September and placed in May there hadn't been any storms. The very weekend he went to his forever home, thunder season started with a vengeance! Mom says Huck's new family was wonderful, and worked so hard with him on that as well as some food guarding he did.
He turned out to be a far greater project than anyone anticipated, but his people really rose to the occasion. My mum says everydog should be as lucky as Huckleberry Finn was, so have such a wonderful family. She think Huckleberry must have been terrified and confused at the onset of viscious storms we've had for the past week, plus the 4th of July celebrations, and so he somehow escaped and ran onto a major highway.
Huckleberry was a wonderful teacher of humans and a dear friend to them as well, and they are all missing him right now. Rest in peace, Hound Dog. You were a good one!


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  1. Oh no, poor Finn! :( I'm so glad he got the extra good life he got for a short (too short) while, at least. I guess you were just never going to get the run out of that dog, poor guy.