Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm learning a new trick!

My mom is teaching me another trick! She says maybe it'll make my hind legs stronger and maybe that might even help me jump better or something? But it's fun to try and figure out what gets her to make the click and give me the cookies!!! Here are a couple of poorly shot videos for you to enjoy! My mom needs an extra arm so she can take better videos don't cha think??

This one you can't really see my trick very well.

Here's another one where you can see my trick a lot better, but not a handsome face very well(that's what my mom says, anyway!)

[I tried for three days to upload the other freaking video and it WOULD NOT. Sorry! - Amy]

She says I'm catching on pretty quick, and once I know how to do that one she's gonna teach me to walk on my back legs like a person!!! Cool! WOL!!


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