Sunday, February 14, 2010

My foster brother is fitting in . . .

Hey everyone!
My new foster brother is ok. As long as he has his own ball to fetch, he leaves mine alone. Mom always makes sure he has his own. My GrandPaw isn't quite so careful! He brings my Aunties over and Firefox sometimes steals Peat's ball. Then, he steals my ball. And Sparkle herds me and bites at me. Darn those Aunties!!! I always let Peat have my ball because as GrandPaw says, "I am a good sport" but then I am sad that I don't have my ball. :( Although, GrandPaw makes Firefox give Peat back his ball and then I get mine back. So, it's pretty cool that Peat's here because mom is making sure to have more frequent play sessions with us all because of it. She says he needs to exercise to get in shape! Me and Saga can appreciate that. The lazy girls don't really exercise this way. They will have to go out with the bicycle once the weather is better, mom says.

Here is a video of me and Peat each fetching out respective balls. Saga is herding Peat - yeah! Another good thing about Peat is that he makes Saga leave me alone!

Thanks for looking!

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