Friday, March 5, 2010

Some pics of me for Auntie Em

My Auntie Em was having withdrawals of me so here are some pics for her!  Here is me on my bed before my auntie Em gave me a chair for a birthday.
It's good to be a dog



Bed in the sun

Here is me on my bed once it got moved next to moms bed.
My bed is next to moms.


This is my new chair from Auntie Em!  That damn cat is in it, though!  Auntie, help!!!!!!!
damn cat.

Ah, that's better.  Say, isn't my tail quite long?!
Mt tail is long.

My mom is so boring when she is doing schoolwork.
Mom's boring.

She did bring me a new toy today though!

Can't get away!

Gonna get it!



New frisbee
Well, there ya go Auntie!  I hope you are happy now!  Mom's trying to get a video of me playing with it up too, but it's not cooperating!  Maybe later!


  1. Yay!! It was terrible that I only got to see you for 0.43 seconds last week, so your evil mom just made everything better! :) Will we see you play with the duckies in a couple of weeks??

  2. What great pictures, Arthur. I hope you got a I like best. Love Robin (and Zeeba)

  3. Auntie Em (or should I call you Miss Moo), I don't think I can play with the dickies until their yard dries out some. There is a pond in there and maybe I ca nswim in it.

    Miss Robin, I am usually too busy for abell rub but when I am napping on my back like that, I do get to have one.