Friday, March 23, 2012

Yata Hae Ida Know Why

Today, my mum came home from work early, and she, Auntie Em, my cousin Speckles, and I piled into Auntie Em's car and took a long ride!

Mum told me were on our way to pick up my new baby sister! Say WHAT?! That's right, that's what she said! New Baby Sister!

Well, I asked my mum why I was gonna get a new baby sister but all she would say was, Ida Know Why... so I asked her what my new baby sister's name was going to be and she said, Ida Know Why... MUM!!! But really, it's true! I have a new baby sister now and her official name is:

Yata Hae Ida Know Why

Mum says we will call her IdaWise most of the time. She is named in honor of her and Elliot Cool's first mum Ida, who lives in Texas. That is where they come from! Mum says that Ida has done so much for German Coolies (that's what they are) in general and for mum in particular (by getting Elliot Cool and IdaWise to her) that mum wanted to do something to honor her for that. And so, she has a little namesake! That's pretty cool, I think. I am a namesake, too. I was named in honor of my GrandPaw! Anyway, on to the photos!
This is Speck and I riding in the car on our way to Boston. 
This is the first photo mum every saw of our new baby sister. 
Here is my new little sister having a snack after a long day traveling by plane.
Here is her litter sister Rive' (it's supposed to have two dots on top of the e). 

The litter sisters snacking together. 

Nom, nom, nom... 

Yummy food! 

My sister trying out her new outfit, and her litter sister posing with her. 

Looking cute, but tired! 
Posing with Gumby 

Litter sister Rive' 


Tired baby sisters. 

IdaWise meeting the other doggies. 

IdaWise in her house with bed and toys.

Well, I think it for now!
Bark at cha some more later!

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