Sunday, May 13, 2012

Long Time!!!

Hi Every One!
It's been a LONG time since my last post!  Sooooooooooo much has happened!  I have just been too busy having fun to post to ya'll, but I promise to catch you all up soon!  For now, though, I have a favor to ask you!

My mom entered a picture of my brother Elliot Cool in a photo contest and he made the top 15!  Now he needs some votes.  

YOU CAN VOTE FOR THE FINAL WINNERS! You just need to register to vote, and then you can vote ONE TIME! The great news is you can vote FOR AS MANY PHOTOS AS YOU WISH, that one time! 

Besides my brother Elliot Cool, our friends Kiefer (Dally's litter mate), Kela &Rue (Elliot Cool's litter mate), Jocelyn&Briggs, and Drew (that's Dally's litter mate Dru but his name is spelled wrong ;-) made the cut!!! 
Please vote for your favorites (sure hope that includes my bro Elliot Cool and all our friends! 
Please feel free to share this! 

Thanks Every One!
ps - since I am still the GOODest, here are some pics that include me, too!  (Ok, and the rest of the family!)  Notice my little brother is being naughty in that first photo!

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