Sunday, December 4, 2011

We've been having lots of FUN!!

Well, I told you all about my dog scootering lesson in October but since then I've been having lots of fun with it!!  Plus my little brother and my sisters went to a Rally trial (WITHOUT ME!) and they did awesome!

First, here are some of my Scootering Vids!

This next one is long but AWESOME, mom took it using her new Head Camera!!!

Then my Speckly twin and Dally's brother Moss came with us with their mum, our Auntie Emily!  We had a great time!  See?!?!

Here are Elliot, Lacy, and Caper at the Rally trials!!

As you can see we've ALL been having lots of FUN!  Dally went to those trials too and she earned her Rally Level 2 Title but mom hasn't gotten around to making her video yet!

Here is a link to their photos from the trials!
Just the Doggies!
Mom with Doggies!

Well, that's all!  I'm gonna go have some more fun now, bark at cha later!

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