Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We all wish you a:

Elliot Cool, Dally, ME! Caper, Lacy, & Saga(he's hogging the front of the couch!)

We had a visit from Santa Paws!  There were presents for all us doggies, plus the kitties and the birdies too!  Here's a video of our doggie Christmas!

If you can't tell, we had a GREAT time!  I was the best present opener, of course!  I even had  to help my little brother!

We *also* got a doggie puzzle!  It was really fun to play and get the treats out.  Plus a dog bed and a giant stuffie, too.  Such fun!

And on Christmas Eve, mom took me, Dally, and Elliot Cool scootering to a new place...we go hiking there all the time but we've never scootered there before.  Mom also hooked us up a different way.  Instead of just me and Dally, she had me in the front and Dally and Elliot Cool behind me.  We had a GREAT time but mom sure was carrying on back there!  She was whining a little about being sore today, I don't see why, we did all the running!  What do you think?

Well, here's hoping you had just as much fun on your holiday as we did!!  Bark at cha later!

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