Sunday, December 18, 2011


Me 'n my sister are Champions!  My mom took us (and my pesky little brother) on a trip last weekend...we drove for a long time to Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, and then the next morning to Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area in Elkton, Maryland, and we got to go Scootering with momma.  There were lots and lots of husky dogs there making all sorts of crazy noises!

Me and Dally were just really happy to run really fast, so we did!!  And we brought mom in faster than any of the other doggies in our class!!  We were in the 2-dog Scooter Sportsman class.

Here's a movie of the WHOLE thing!  Mom video'd it on her helmet cam!  This movie is about a half hour long so you'll want to make sure you have time to watch it...and it really looks best full screen!

Here are some photos of us!
Waiting in line for the start.  I hate waiting!  Let's GO!

In the start chute waiting for the count down! Can you see how ready I am?

And We're OFF!!!!

Coming into the finish line on Sunday! Mom tried to race us across, that's why the lines are flapping!

See?! We were really quick!!

Here is a short video of the spectator view of our start and finish on Saturday!

Elliot Cool got to go on a little hike without us at the state park on Saturday, while we were resting up for our next race!

Everyone thinks he is very handsome but I think he's a pesky little brother.  I guess he's ok, though.  Every once in awhile I lower myself enough to play with him.  But I usually end it with a nice bite to his nose so he knows whose in charge around here!

Well, that's all for now!

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