Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Fun

Mom and Grandpaw were playing on the roof today with shovels and stuff, so we puppy dogs had to entertain ourselves!  Mom took some candid camera pictures and movies, though.

Me looking at mom on the roof and Dally looking my my toy!

Me playing with my toy by myself.  You can see my shaved patch where my wound is still healing!

Nutty Noel

Dally looking at mom on the roof.

Nutty Noel and Little Lacy looking down on us from the deck.

Silly Saga and Dally chatting.

Caper, Saga, and Dally

Now, here are the movies!

First, here is Silly Saga and Dahlia playing.

Next, here is my sister Crazy Caper racing about.  I raced about with her for a moment, myself.

And, here is one more of Crazy Caper!!

After we played outside, I went over to visit GrandPaw with mom.  We posed for a picture!
Aren't we handsome?!?!

Here you can see my Auntie Sparkle thought I tasted good and wants another bite of me!  Good thing my GrandPaw was holding onto her!  (Ok, so she really just wanted to chase me some more, but she was not allowed!  That made her sad, but I was glad.)

Ok, that is all for now!  I hope you enjoyed the movies and pictures!  My wound is healing well, by the way.  Thanks for all the good thoughts!

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  1. Denali says he figured out how to get on his roof, and thoroughly enjoyed the look of panic on his Mom's face as he looked down at her.... but much to his dismay, the roof is now off limits. Silly human's ruining all the fun....