Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Cypress is one of the Cuban Amazon Parrots that lives here. This week, he broke his wing and needed to go to Boston for emergency surgery! First, we went to Greylock Animal Hospital to see Dr. Michelle. She was wonderful, but sent on to Boston to see the specialists. The wonderful doctors at Angell Memorial, Dr. Orcutt and Dr. Trout, were able to put pins in his wing and an external fixature to make the bones rejoin and hopefully heal. It seems it is a very longshot that he might ever be able to fly again, but we are still keeping our fingers crossed that it may just happen - you never know!

Here is an except from Dr. Orcutt's report:
"Dr. Trout, one of our surgeons , did an amazing job repairing the fracture while the Avian/Exotics service monitored anesthesia. He placed a pin through the 2 ends pieces of the humerus to align them and further stabilized the bone to prevent rotation on the long axis by placing small pins horizontally through the bone and connecting them with an acrylic bar on the outside of the wing (a KE apparatus). I covered the KE apparatus with a soft padded bandage so that Cypress wouldn't bother it. Post-op radiographs show very good apposition of the boen ends, so now we just have to see how well the bone responds and heals at the fracture site along with assessing the healing of the injured soft tissues as well."

Here are photos of him in his recovery area.  It's been changed around a little since these pics were taken but you get the idea.  Nothing to climb on so no change to take a fall.  A huge variety of foods are being offered to try and encourage him to eat.
What's up?
In these pics you see dried fruits and nuts.  But he's also being offerred scrambled eggs, pellets, corn on the cob, blueberries, fresh veggie mix, sprouts, warm mashes, junk treats, etc.

Cypress recovery area



Here is a video of him eating a bit.

Here is a video at Angell Memorial when we picked him up.  His friend Mulberry came along to give him company for the ride home.  They were *thrilled* to see one another!

Please keep Cypress in your thoughts!

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