Friday, July 23, 2010

We're all learning Rally!

Hi everybody!
My Auntie Tara gave my mom something called "Motivation" and mom decided we could all be Rally dogs.  Rally is like obedience and agility combined.  You have a course numbered like agility, but at each number there are directions for a specific thing you have to do.

So, mom set up a little course in our yard of just the most basic signs, and she took us each through, one-by-one.  She had GrandPaw video us so she would have a baseline against which to measure our progress!!

I was having lots of fun!  Don't you think I'm clever?  (I was so excited I had trouble lying down all the way!  Opps!)

Lacy is really clever as well.  Sometimes she has trouble staying parallel to mom when she isn't along the fence, but she should get better with practice.

Dahlia needs some work on her heeling, but mom says that's her fault 'cause she has to spend some time to teach her!  She also needs to work on lying down next to mom.

Caper is pretty good too.  Sometimes she's not parallel either, though.  Naughty!  Mom says she just needs practice.

Finally, is Saga also doing pretty good, for not knowing how to heel, mom says.  She has to work on a sign for him to know he's supposed to be following her around.  He might need some touch sighs but mom's not sure they are allowed in Rally competition.

Well, hopefully you enjoyed watching us all.  We'll see if we can't get mom trained up right and report back!


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  1. Arthur,

    Please tell your mama that she is doing a wonderful job! As are your k9 family! WOW Caper has a REALLY fast SIT-DOWN-SIT! & I am so impressed how they all stay with da mama! A pack of great Rally dogs for sure!!

    "Auntie Tara"