Monday, January 18, 2010

Caper Agility Videos

Hey everyone! My mom took my sister Caper to an agility trial over New Year's Weekend and her friend is slowly uploading some video's in her spare time! So here are some for you to enjoy.

Caper's first run of the weekend was Jumper's. She had a good run but knocked one bar, which is rather unusual for her. Mom's not real sure why but she doesn't practice with Caper much and said they were still getting into the swing of working together again. She had one spin as mom did a rear cross at the end of the serpentine but it was really a very nice first run especially since they pretty much never practice. :)

This next video is of Wildcard. Mom was very pleased with the rear on the jump after the weave poles. Caper didn't spin on that one at all but she was turning the easier way for her. But still a very nice run and she didn't suck to the off course tunnel at all, mom hung back and she had no trouble going into the weave poles.

Here is Caper running Fullhouse. Even though she didn't read mom correctly in the beginning (the video missed it anyway) they still had a very nice rest of the run and got enough points to Qualify, thank goodness! You can hear mom telling Caper to hurry up! She never has to say that to me! Caper is not the speediest but she is pretty steady.

Finally, here is one of the Jackpot runs. Caper needed two to finish her Level 4, and she didn't get either. Mom was really mad at herself for this run. She was obsessed that she practice the 6 weave poles in the opening, and totally wasted a ton of time when Caper was twirling around. Of course, Caper had no problem at all with the Gamble, she knows how to do weave poles for goodness sakes! But because Mom was so silly, she was one point shy in the opening and therefore did not qualify!! Boy was mom upset with herself for being such a dope!

Well, mom is still waiting for the video of Caper's Jumpers run on Sunday - it was very nice! Unfortunately, her nicest Standard run did not get video taped - oh well!

Thanks for looking at my sister Caper-Doodle-Doo playing agility. Mom is waiting to hear if there is room for her in my Wednesday agility class so she can work on tightening turns and getting more speed!

Well, I'll be back again soon with more, bark at ya later!
WOL (that's for Woof Out Loud, silly),

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