Friday, December 25, 2009

Vacation Agility

One of the fun things I got to do with my mom on my vacation was to play some agility! Mom has been working with me to go over the jumps better. (Apparently, she cares whether or not the fall apart after I go throu . . . er . . . over them.)

Anyway, while she has been making me practice this, and also just practice paying attention to what she wants me to do instead of making it up on my own, she hasn't let me play any agility where there are lots of other people and dogs and ribbons and stuff.

So, when I realized I was actually going to get to do that again, I got so excited I lost my head. And mom got so nervous she lost her's. So our first day wasn't so great. But then we both pulled ourselves together a little bit and we worked much better together for the rest of the time.

Mom says I still have to work a lot more on my jumping but that is is much improved from the days when I would leave the ring and none of the jumps would be standing.

And she says I did a real good job listening to her and going where she wanted me to. So, she was happy about that.

Mom says I need to work on weaving when excited, though. She claims I am not collecting myself before entering and so I end up skipping a pole which requires me to start over. She says that at my level, the weave poles aren't faulted, they just need to be completed correctly, but once you reach the higher levels once the dog enters correctly they may be faulted if they don't finish properly. So she says I have to work on that too. I just like to go really fast, though.

Here are some videos.

This is me doing a nice job of keeping jumps up, in a Jackpot run. In this game, I can do any obstacles my mom wants me to do to earn points until the whistle blows, then she has to have me do the gamble obstacles without her crossing the line. Since I am still at a low level, there is very little distance between the line and the obstacles. It was way easy!

Here is a Standard run where I also keeps all the jumps up.

This is Mom and I running a Wildcard course. Mom caused an off course with a poorly executed front cross, but I keep up all of the jumps. :) Oh, if you don't know what Wildcard is, there are three places on the course where there is a choice of obstacles and because of the level I'm in my mom needs to choose 2 easy and 1 hard for me to do. In the level I am in, I am allowed an off course and just have to complete the weaves, so I did Q.

Thanks so much for watching my videos!



  1. Oh Arthur I love watching your videos. You are a VERY fast boy. You did so good.

  2. Thanks so much! I sure have fun! Mom says in a couple weeks I get to go to a Jumping Seminar. That should be fun!