Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NEBCR Reunion & Agility!

Hiya everybody!!
This past weekend was super fun! It was the NEBCR (that stands for New England Border Collie Rescue) Annual Reunion! I got to go dockdiving and play soccer and lots of fetch and I got to camp with my mom and sister Caper in Auntie Lynn's camper! All my brothers and sisters came with mom and me to the reunion! One of the other volunteers, a nice lady named Caitlin, took lots of pics and said mom could share them, so I hope you like 'em!

First is the best of a whole bunch of tries of a group photo of mom and me and all my brothers and sisters! Dust was kinda tied so he ended up trying to nap instead of paying attention, but the rest of us are, kinda, at least! So, from left to right its Dust, Saga, Lacy, Mom, Caper & Me!

This is sister Caper being tailed by one of the rescue dogs! Mom says she really looks like a portie here 'cause she's holding her tail the right way!

Here is another shot of mom trying for the family photo. Dust and I decided the best course of action was to just play dead, 'cause we couldn't figure out what the heck she wanted! WOL!

Sparkle turned 1 year old on Monday, but she got her birthday present from mom early. It was a toolbox full of toys! She loved them but I thought they were kinda scary at first - they make real tool noises! This is a pic where she is taking a breake from playing with them. You can see the drill and saw. There is also a hammer!

Here I am diving!! Wheeeeeeeee!

This is my mom and my brother Dust. He's old! But he still is the King.

Here he is about to get the Fiz!

I sure have to bring a lotta water outta the pond with me, huh?!

Here's a great picture of my GrandPaw and Sparkle! He's her person, that's why she is my Auntie.

Here is sister Lacy, mom, me, 'n Sparkle walking around the pond!

Here I am running super fast with my cool Ruffwear water fetching toy.

Soccer Ball!! I haven't gotten to play with a soccer ball for a long time! I almost forgot how to pick it up, but then I remembered!

Here I am swimming with my cool Ruffwear toy!

Here is my brother Saga!

So! If all that wasn't cool enough, after I was done swimming and fetching and running, I saw my favoritest teacher EVER! It was my Auntie Abbie Tamber who gives my momma and me agility lessons! And sure enough, we got to play! The best part was, Auntie Abbie said that it was finally time for me to start doing sequences! That means I got to do more than just one or 2 obstavles in a row! And mom had to learn to keep up and tell me where to go! We had fun and mom and Auntie Abbie said I did a *very*good*job* and they were proud of me!! Yippee! I try very hard to be a *GOOD*DOG*!

And so that was my weekend! Caper got to play more agility on Sunday because she was in Abbie's seminar, but that's ok because I get to go to a JUMPING CLINIC in a few weeks and she doesn't get to go!

Mom says we are going camping again tomorrow in Auntie Lynn's camper (thanks Auntie Lynn!!!) and we are go to MASSACHEWSETTS so Caper can do agility some more. Hrmph! Mom says it's special because it's the Nationals. Whatever!

Well, bye more now!

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  1. looks like you all gad a great time, lovely pictures as well.

    Wizz :-)