Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

All of us here at Amiable Animals are wishing you the happiest of days.  One that is filled with family and friends, and all the love and fun that they bring!
From the Coolies: Elliot Cool, IdaWise, and LisaJoy
From Saga the Aussie mix and Caper the Portie
And from the Border Collies: ME-ArthurGOOD!, Dally, and Lacy
Merry Christmas from our new foster sister Bright Star, too! 
Santa Paws found our house again this year!
But we have to wait for GrandPaw before we open our gifts!
Look at that, he even hung a toy for the birdies on that tree!

Well, we all hope you have a wonderful Christmas!  
Bark at'cha later!

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