Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LiLi update and Lessons from LiLi

ArthurGOOD! is letting me write on his blog again!  ;-)

Thank you everyone for your support and good thoughts during LiLi's recovery!  She is doing awesome, and goes in tomorrow to have two little stitches removed.  She appears to be fully recovered from the hematoma now, and her tracheaotomy site is healing nicely, I hope to be able to report it to be fully healed within another week!

I've had her on soft canned food instead of her regular diet while she has been healing and she hasn't been eating as much as I'd like, she needs to gain back some of the weight she lost!  That will come, though.

I wanted to share a couple of lessons I took away from this harrowing experience:

1) In some emergencies, every moment matters.  Now where your emergency vets are, wherever you are!  Had this happened to LiLi when we were somewhere other than home, I may not have known where to go to get to a vet in the fastest manner.

2) Have Pet Insurance, or an Emergency Fund established  so if you are faced with an emergency like this, you can focus on getting your pet the care they need, and not worrying about how you are going to pay for it.  I have had Embrace Pet Insurance since 2008, and have been thrilled with their excellent customer service and comprehensive coverage.  Because I knew I could count on Embrace, I able to tell the veterinarians to do what they needed to do to save LiLi, without worrying that I would be faced with insurmountable debt as a result.  LiLi's claims are currently pending, but I do not anticipate any issues with them being paid.  It's just this type of unforeseeable emergency that I purchased pet insurance for!

Here are some photos!
IdaWise & LiLi - Curly Q Coolies
 LiLi with Teddy Chance
 Resting LiLi
 The girls watching out the window.
 LiLi thought the soft crate roof made a good cot.
 LiLi got a snowsuit!
I told her I was going to line it with Bubble wrap and never let her take it off.  ;-)
 At the vet for a recheck!
 Classic Coolie!
 Getting love from her GrandPaw!

This was another post written by my mom!  I will be back soon, I promise!!

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