Saturday, September 3, 2011


Well now, you read that right!  I do have some BIG NEWS!  About 22 pounds worth!!!  And I don't mean that British money kinda pounds, either.

What's that, you ask?  Well, I am taking about the flesh and blood and bones and fur kind of BIG NEWS.

Yup!!  It's true!








Whoa!!!  Can you even believe it?!  Well, it's true.  And, like the Mr. GOOD! I am I am going to teach him all the tricks of the trade when it comes to being the brother.  I'll teach him to bite noses, steal toys, pounce the cats, and sleep on the bed.  I am ready!

The best part of my little brother is that he is not a border collie.  Mom knows I wasn't going to stand no whipper snapper charging in here and trying to be the bestest boy border collie ever over me, no way, no how!  So, my little brother can be the bestest boy Coolie in the world.  I'll keep the Border Collie title, thank-you-very-much!

Yes, that's right, I said Coolie.  No, I didn't mean to say Collie, I really meant Coolie.  (I am a border collie, I can spell, you know!)

What the heck's a Coolie, you ask?

Well, perhaps you may remember my foster sister, Easter Bonnet, from about a year and a half ago?  She was a funny multi-colored dog, and a real good playmate to my little sister Dally when she was still tiny, like this:

Well, mom's friend from Australia pointed out to mom that she thought Bonnie looked like a German Coolie!  Mom hadn't heard of them so she went searching to see what she could find out.  All the info she found she thought was pretty neat, but she was busy with baby Dally so she didn't do much with it except tell Bonnie's adopter's that she could be a German Coolie.

Fast forward to this summer and my Disc Dog seminars!  Mom went on FB looking for different disc dog events and somehow stumbled upon a FB group for Australian Koolies (similar  to German Coolies.)  Someone had posted a photo of a cute pup on there and mom followed that back and found out he and his brother were both still looking for homes.  She couldn't believe no one had wanted that little pup because in ever picture, she said, he was staring right at her (I think the reason she liked that so much is because that's what *I* do to her in *my* pictures!)

 Here is that puppy, staring at mom.

 Here is that puppy, staring at mom again.

 Here is that puppy, once again, staring at my mother!!!

And finally, again, here he is staring, staring, staring at her!  Now, even I can tell what he's saying in this last picture.  "Hey Lady, can I come play with you?  I promise to be a real good pup and not cause any trouble at all."  Of course, being a puppy he's prolly telling tall tales about being no trouble!

So, mom was still not biting, but then she got a message from the pup's human mum and after she read the message she said it was just something she couldn't say no too...and SO, that BIG NEWS little pup got put on a plane this morning and went for a very long and noisy plane US!

He was 'sposed to get to the airport at 9pm but instead he didn't get there until almost 11pm!  We finally got home and it's already tomorrow and in just a few hours it'll be time for my and Caper's AGILITY TRIAL!

Here are some pics of my new little brother at home.  Mom got some videos too but those will have to wait!

and here he is all tuckered out and tucked into bed:

He doesn't quite have an official name yet but I'll keep you posted!

Be sure and stay tuned for lots more details on how he fits in here and all of the adventures he has with Saga, Lacy, Caper, Me, Dally, the kitties, the birdies, grand-paw, and, of course, mom!

Until later,

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