Monday, May 2, 2011

When Rally Goes Wrong! and Right!

My mom says I was taken over by an alien being this weekend at the APDT Wag It Rally Trial!  She wanted to write this post instead of me, so this time, so I'm gonna let her.  I'll bark at ya another time!

From my mom:
What a weekend!  We started with a pretty normal Level 1 run.  Scored a very respectable 206!  And then came Level 2.  It started out as a lovely run.  Something went wrong at the Fast Forward from Sit, and things went downhill from there.  I had no idea what was going on with my perfect boy!  I just kept going...LOL!  At least he appears to be having a good time...I think he was frustrated with the fact that it wasn't more exciting.  I had tried walking at a faster pace than normal thinking he would like that better.  He seemed to, but then the Fast Forward from Sit seemed to tip him over the edge.

By the end of the weekend he managed to pull himself together enough to get a Level 2 Q, although he lost it right at the end, again, not helped by the Fast Forward from Sit.

He did better in his Level 3 runs, the Jump was there for him to concentrate on, helping quite a bit, though it did not stop him from trying to destroy one of the signs on one run - but that was his only major transgression. What a crazy man!  Level 1's also went better - although he did grab a cone on one of those too!  Overall, ArthurGOOD! and I just weren't connected like we had been a few weeks ago at the Monadnock trial - at that trial we had the nices t runs of our Rally career, and were more connected than we had ever been.  I think ArthurGOOD! just didn't want me taking him for granted.  

One the other hand, there was his "Little Sis" DahliaRIGHT! She finished her Puppy Championship with 3 lovely Level Puppy runs, and then earned her very first Level 1 Q with this nice run:

And if that wasn't enough, her score earned her the High Scoring Rescue/Shelter Dog of the weekend!!  What an honor!  And she got to beat him big brother ... he had won the honor at his very first Rally trial last October, so perhaps he was trying to share the glory... ;--)

Thanks to all the wonderful judges and fellow competitors who helped me laugh at my silly boy this weekend!   The courses were super fun and challenging!

DahliaRight!(I'm better than my brother!)
ArthurGOOD! (I'll bite your nose for that, you little brat.)


  1. Amy, you were so calm about aliens overtaking Arthur's body! Kudos to you for keeping your cool! And what a gorgeous performance from Dahlia!

  2. Really nice work all the way around but I'm biased extra kudos to Dahlia. :)