Monday, November 1, 2010

What a weekend!

This weekend my mom took me and my sister on a really, really, really, really long car ride!  Then I stayed in the car for a few hours while my sis got to try something called WAG IT GAMES.  Mom says they are really cool - you can see more here:  Dally learned to put her front feet on a skateboard and push it forward!

Then we went away and mom and I took a hike all by ourselves!  That was lovely and I ran and played frisbee and everything.

The next morning, mom took us back to the same place Dally got to play the day before.  I was really excited because there were lots of cars and dogs and I just **KNEW** we must be at an agility trial!!!!!  Momkept telling me that wasn't true but I didn't believe her.

FINALLY it was my turn to go in the ring and I was SOOOOOOO excited!!!  THEN . . . I looked around . . . and . . . I didn't see ANY agility equipment!!!!!!!  I was starting to get a little frantic . . . there HAD to be SOMETHING fun in there . . . I saw something and I grabbed for it!  But mom told me to leave it!  It was a number, she said.  She kept having me walk beside her and do those crazy moves.  I was still pretty frantic so I was adding my own in there too . . . some extra spins . . . an automatic down instead of a sit . . . what were we DOING???

Mom kept talking to me and she gave me a treat or two . . . then I started to realize this was like when we are at home with the signs in the yard . . . we were playing THAT game!!!!  Now I got it!

After that mom said I was such a super, super boy!  Then I rested in the car for a little while.  Mom took Dally out and she had a turn in the building . . . mom said she did super in her puppy class!

Later, it was my turn again.  This time I KNEW what was going on!!!  I was super dog and listened and concentrated real hard.  I got a huge round of applause at the end!!  Later mom told me I was PERFECT!  I already knew that!

We went back to the place where we hiked again after Dally had another turn (she was good again too!)  This time, when we got there mom left me in the car while she brought Dally to see SHEEPS!!!!!  I got back at mom though by eating a huge bag of puperoni.  Mom says she doesn't usually get those for us but they were easy in the pockets.  They were yummy!  Then, *I* got to get the sheep.  Later that night I really didn't feel well at all!  :(  I was sooooooooooo thirsty!!!!!  And my tummy hurt a little too.  :(  In the morning mom saw I had eaten all those 'roni's and she realized why I didn't feel well.  She was real worried but I perked up when we got back to the competition place.  Iran and played in the yard.  They I had another two turns in the ring, and Dally had 1.

We did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!  Mom says these are our scores:
Trial 1, Level 1A, score 195 - 4th place
Trial 2, Level 1A, score PERFECT 210! - 1st place
Trial 3 Level 1A, score 208 - 1st place!  This earned me my Rally Level 1 Title!!!!!!!!!!!!  And an Award of Excellence for having my first 3 Level 1A scores over 190!
Trial 4 Level 1B, score 208 - 3rd place!
PLUS, they gave me two toys and2 more big ribbons for being the High Scoring Rescue Dog and High Scoring NewTeam!!!!!!!!

Trial 1, Level Puppy A, score 207
Trial 2,Level Puppy A, score 205
Trial 3, Level Puppy A,score 192  This earned her her Rally Level Puppy Tittle!  And we think an Award of Excellence too!

So, as you can see we were very successful!!!  Take a look at our videos!

Me being PERFECT:

Dahlia getting a 208:

Well, that was our cool weekend!!!!!
ArthurGOOD! RL1
and DahliaRIGHT! RLP

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  1. Yay, Dahlia (and Arthur too of course)! You must be super smart now!