Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey guess what?!

Even though I didn't get voted into the NEBCR calendar this year, I still have a shot at getting into a different calendar!!!!!  You all can help me by voting for my photo (and the cool part is, my Auntie Sparkle is in it too.)

The sad part is that if you vote for me, you can't vote for my brother, sisters, or Aunties, and that's because only one of our photos can have a spot in the calendar.  Mom and GrandPaw decided since mine was such a great action shot, and it also had Sparkle in it, that they would promote it for voting.

So, without further ado, please go and vote for my (or whoever you think is the most deserving!) at:  I'm easy to find since I'm the first one listed!

This is the culmination of the Shelter/Rescue Dog Model Search!!!

Thanks everyone!

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