Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dahlia's growing up

Mom rushed home from work today, grabbed me and Dally, and took us to the vet. I stayed in the car (unfair!) and mom took Dally in to weigh her. She was 33.1 pounds! She is 7.5 months old. Mom looked at our records and she doesn't have a weight written down for me at 7.5 months (there might bw one in the computer at the vet but she didn't have a chance to ask them.) But, my weight at 6 months was 35 pounds. Caper's weight at 6 months was 36. Dahlias weight at 6 months was 30 pounds, so mom thinks she's right that Dally will be a wee bit smaller than me. Good thing, since I am her *big* brother!

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