Sunday, October 11, 2009

My foster sisters

Hiya everybody! You are prolly sick of looking at my cool root canal pictures so I'll give you something else to enjoy.

My auntie Katie, who helps my mom with her agility handling, and her Eric (who I don't really know well so I can't call him my uncle) have a company called AgilityVision where they make cool movies about agility and stuff.

Me and my mom and my grandPAW and my auntie Sparkle and my foster siblings Chip, Firefox, and DaisyKate all went over to visit with them last Sunday. It was kinda boring because most of the time I had to stay in the car but I did get to come out and run around with Firefox once. The best part was after when I got to swim in the river!

Anyway, when mom and grandpaw and auntie Katie were doing stuff with the doggies, that Eric guy was holding a huge thing and waving it around. Then we went swimming (but Chip and DaisyKate had to stay in the cars, 'cause Chip's naughty and DaisyKate had just had surgery!

So, it turns out the Auntie Katie and Eric were making movies about my foster siblings! It's a lot of work to edit them so Chip's isn't done yet, but DaisyKate's and Firefox's are! And I will share them with you.

Auntie Katie said she's sorry she accidentally but the wrong website at the end of Firefox's video, it should, of course, be

Here ya go!!
This is Firefox:

This is DaisyKate:

Chip's video isn't ready yet. But I'll share it when it is.

I hope you enjoy all of my auntie Katie's hard work!!

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