Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a tragic loss

I don't think there is anything more difficult to come to terms with than the loss of a young life, so filled with potential.

Dear Cate, a delightful, energetic, driven, wild child of a border collie pup was taken from this world much, much, much too soon. And the world is a grimmer place without her shining, delightful soul in it.

It was just a senseless accident. An inopportune opening of a gate, the unfortunate appearance of a truck, the undirected drive of a young pup, and the uncooperative anti-locking of brakes, all combining to bring an abrupt halt to a promising young life.

We are so, so sorry little Cate. We are sorry we could not keep you safe. We will see you on the other side dear girl. Run and play with PQ, Nell, and Julie. You can herd PoppyQuest while she plays ball with God, and Nell will herd you, while Julie will be ready to play and wrestle, until we meet again. You are missed. Nine and a half months on this earth was just not long enough. We only knew you for such a short time, but it was long enough to love you. We surely wish we could have shown you everything life had to offer.

Your foster mom and your foster grandPaw.


  1. We're so sorry to hear of your tragedy--how heart wrenching!

  2. Oh my I am sitting here crying. Poor Cate and especially her foster heart is breaking for them both.