Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adopt Charm!

Adopt Charm!  Update 9/2013: ADOPTED!!!!  Now Kiska and very much loved!  
Charm is a lovely, beautiful, sweet girl, with just the softest coat of gorgeous multi-colored fur, and the most brilliant blue eyes.  She is estimated to be between 3-4 years of age.  Our best guess is she is a Catahoula x Husky mix.  
She is extremely loving and friendly with people, and is lovely to walk on leash around town.  She has great leash manners and enjoys getting out for a stroll around the neighborhood.  She doesn't react when other dogs are barking at her from their yards, just continues on her way.
She gets along well with other dogs, and is starting to learn to play with them.  However, we do recommend a home without cats.
A fenced yard is preferred, but individual circumstances will be considered.
Charm has been spayed, and is healthy.  She has tested negative for heartworm, Lyme disease, and the other tick borne diseases.  She has been microchipped.  She was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina, and is looking for her forever family where she can be spoiled and loved.  
If you are interested in giving Charm a home, please contact me for additional information.  An application, home visit, and adoption fee are required for adoption.

If you are on Facebook you can see more photos here!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Do You Do? Nice to meet you! Shake Hands!

My mom participated in a challenge, to teach your dog to shakes hands!  It started on Jan 3 and ended on January 12.  She decided to try and teach ALL the doggies in this house how to do it, since none of us knew.  She worked really hard (some of us gave her a harder time than others!) and she succeeded in teaching us all.  Then she wanted to take a video of all of us taking turns for the grand finale!
What do you think?
Here's a still shot of us listening to mom give us a pep talk:
And, here's the video!!
Pretty silly, huh?!  What will she think of next?!
Well, Bark at cha later!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Look what my mom got me for New Year's?!

Boy am I having fun!  And, I am sharing with my friends, too!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fun in the Snow

So, how was your day?